Rehearsal Dinner Toasts

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The wedding rehearsal dinner can be a lot of fun. Without all the other guests, only the close family members and friends join together for the dinner. This is the time to congratulate everyone involved in the wedding preparations.

Thanks to their efforts all the ceremonies will hopefully go well. The rehearsal dinner toasts are an opportunity to some light-hearted comments for the bride and groom. (Also see our guide on funny wedding toasts).

The toasts are usually made after the dinner is over when everyone is sitting comfortably sipping a drink. The time for jokes and fun is just beginning. This is the time to convey your deepest feelings for the bride & groom or to simply have a good time with them. Many people make a casual toast which is alright to some extent because it is not as formal a speech as the speech of the best man.

But think about it. This dinner is not going to happen again and again. So if you know in advance that you have to deliver a toast, then it is better to prepare a little. Expressing your emotions without some preparation is usually difficult and some people are so moved with tears of joy that they are unable to speak much. Since you are a part of the family, what you say on this occasion matters a lot to the bride and groom.

In your rehearsal dinner toasts, you can talk about what you admire about the bride and groom and what makes them such a lovely couple. If you know about their personalities, then you can talk about the strengths of each person and how that will help to make a great married life. Talk about all the good things that you have wished for them.

In delivering rehearsal dinner toasts, you can choose to read out your toast if you are unable to memorize it. In fact, that will show how much you care. But even if you are reading, do not forget to look at the couple in between. Let them know you are talking to them and not just reading some thing.