Groom’s Father Speech Tips

The father of the groom speech has a particular pattern. There are a few elements that should be put in at the right timing. If you have more than one child and have delivered such speech in the previous marriages, then it won’t be much of a problem.

But, if you are not much into wedding speeches and taking the ordeal for the first time, then some practicing would help. It is important to have a positive mind and self-confidence. If you want to be congratulated, then you will have to deliver a speech that you are expected to.

This is an occasion of making your son proud, who has made you proud till the date. So, before the ship sets sail, it is important to make sure that’s its parts are properly installed.

Knowing the procedure of framing the speech

A groom’s father speech is not an extempore, where you need to deliver and run back to your seat. There is a certain style of presentation, which one has to be really careful about. One needs to be a skillful presenter.

You have to make the best use of your good points and hide the limitations. There are three parts a wedding speech for the groom’s father should contain. It is the introduction, body and conclusion (raising a toast). The opening line of the introduction should be able to grab the attention of everybody in the hall.

One has to greet the audience and express his gratitude that they are there to attend the wedding of his son. He has then to introduce himself as the father of the son. The content is the important part and one has to use his intelligence to draft it in manner that will entertain the audience and also capture his emotions.

A vignette or small account of a memorable incident in your son’s life can bring in that ‘giggly’ moment. Sharing the credit of bring up your son, should be give to your wife and a few words should be spoken in her praise. In the conclusion, just give a simply tips about marriage and raise the toast. It can be that simply, yet entertaining.

Not too much hard-work

Once a father is standing at a platform and looking at the lovely couple below, he instantly knows what to say. So, there is not much hard work that is involved in framing the speech. There might be mild alteration in the final presentation, as you would like to share some little story or thought with your audience.

That addition can make the speech spell-binding and you can also receive a standing ovation from the crowd. It is important to have a smile on the face while you deliver the speech, so that the audience can be infected with the same charm.

Today, there are a lot of web tutorials and books which can be really helpful in coming out with an innovative and exhilarating speech on your son’s weeding. Make your own changes and it will be ready for delivery.