A few methods that help increase the chances to conceive a girl naturally

Conceive a girlThere’s no question that married folks know the basics of having a baby, but choosing the gender of the baby is beyond their control. It is common among married couples to need to have a boy as their firstborn baby. It’s not really your call with regards to the gender of your baby, although you are free to believe from what gender you wish your very first baby is. For married couples who have one or two attractive boys, what they usually wish for is how to conceive a girl naturally?

Although many scientists claim that there are just two reliable methods for conceiving a girl (In Vitro Fertilization and MicroSort), a number of researchers have developed several strategies that – in their opinion – may increase the possibilities of having a baby girl. This post reveals you many of the most important guidelines on the subject.

In conceiving a girl naturally, diet is one way to tip the odds in your favor. To be specific, you should begin incorporating foods that are rich in calcium and avoid potassium-rich foods and salt.

Having sex at the right time is definitely the second group of guidelines on how to conceive a girl naturally. These rules have been discovered by Dr. Shettles and, if they are followed correctly, you’ve got between 75 and 80 % chances to have a baby girl. There are two important factors that you need to know in an effort to understand these rules. The very first thing that you should bear in mind in conceiving a girl naturally is that a sperm that carries a female chromosome must reach the woman’s egg first those that contain male chromosome. A set of X chromosomes is contained in the woman’s sperm which is yet another essential fact that one ought to know is that the baby’s gender is always dependant on the man’s sperm because it has an X and a Y chromosome.

Based on Dr. Shettles, the best time to have sex is just before the ovulation period of the girl since this will probably boost the probabilities of conceiving a girl naturally. It is because a female sperm can survive longer when compared with a male sperm though the latter is speedier. Along with this, is always that a couple have their sex 3 to 4 days just before ovulation. Considering the fact that it truly is important that you know the best time when you should have an intercourse to your partner, you will need to have an ovulation chart with you. Well, it is best to make use of only when you have a regular cycle and you also don’t ovulate in advance.

Apart from the aforementioned tips given by Dr. Shettles, he added two tips to conceive a girl naturally. For one, penetration during sexual intercourse must be kept shallow for the sperm to deposit near the vaginal entrance where it is regarded as most acidic place which could weaken boy sperm. Last but not least, a tip on how to conceive a girl naturally for ladies is you should prevent orgasm during intercourse. This is mainly because orgasm may cause the uterine to contract and produces substances that are favorable to the male sperm cells which will not help the female sperm cells at all.