Rehearsal Dinner Toasts

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The wedding rehearsal dinner can be a lot of fun. Without all the other guests, only the close family members and friends join together for the dinner. This is the time to congratulate everyone involved in the wedding preparations.

Thanks to their efforts all the ceremonies will hopefully go well. The rehearsal dinner toasts are an opportunity to some light-hearted comments for the bride and groom. (Also see our guide on funny wedding toasts).

The toasts are usually made after the dinner is over when everyone is sitting comfortably sipping a drink. The time for jokes and fun is just beginning. This is the time to convey your deepest feelings for the bride & groom or to simply have a good time with them. Many people make a casual toast which is alright to some extent because it is not as formal a speech as the speech of the best man.

But think about it. This dinner is not going to happen again and again. So if you know in advance that you have to deliver a toast, then it is better to prepare a little. Expressing your emotions without some preparation is usually difficult and some people are so moved with tears of joy that they are unable to speak much. Since you are a part of the family, what you say on this occasion matters a lot to the bride and groom. Read more Rehearsal Dinner Toasts

Groom’s Father Speech Tips

The father of the groom speech has a particular pattern. There are a few elements that should be put in at the right timing. If you have more than one child and have delivered such speech in the previous marriages, then it won’t be much of a problem.

But, if you are not much into wedding speeches and taking the ordeal for the first time, then some practicing would help. It is important to have a positive mind and self-confidence. If you want to be congratulated, then you will have to deliver a speech that you are expected to.

This is an occasion of making your son proud, who has made you proud till the date. So, before the ship sets sail, it is important to make sure that’s its parts are properly installed.

Knowing the procedure of framing the speech

A groom’s father speech is not an extempore, where you need to deliver and run back to your seat. There is a certain style of presentation, which one has to be really careful about. One needs to be a skillful presenter.

You have to make the best use of your good points and hide the limitations. There are three parts a wedding speech for the groom’s father should contain. It is the introduction, body and conclusion (raising a toast). The opening line of the introduction should be able to grab the attention of everybody in the hall.

One has to greet the audience and express his gratitude that they are there to attend the wedding of his son. He has then to introduce himself as the father of the son. The content is the important part and one has to use his intelligence to draft it in manner that will entertain the audience and also capture his emotions.

A vignette or small account of a memorable incident in your son’s life can bring in that ‘giggly’ moment. Sharing the credit of bring up your son, should be give to your wife and a few words should be spoken in her praise. In the conclusion, just give a simply tips about marriage and raise the toast. It can be that simply, yet entertaining. Read more Groom’s Father Speech Tips

How to Use the Chinese Baby Calendar 2016 for Sex Prediction and for Sex Selection

In this post I talk about the manner in which the Chinese birth chart can be used for achieving each of these two purposes: guessing the gender of an unborn baby and predetermining the sex of a child that has not been conceived yet. I also describe this chinese calendar for 2016, which is believed to be able to:

  1. identify whether a fetus is a boy or a girl;
  2. when a child should be conceived in order to have an intended gender: female or male.

These two methods, of sex prediction and sex selection, represent a traditional Chinese technique from the 13th century, which has astrological roots, it is based on a legend and, to my knowledge, it is not officially promoted and there is no scientist to support it. You certainly have heard about twins that have different genders. Well, all these facts clearly show that the strategies of gender identification and gender control that are centered on this ancient chart are appropriate only for having fun. You really should be aware of this essential aspect whenever you are thinking to or using them.

Calendar: Chinese vs Gregorian

The fundamental aspect of the Chinese gender chart is that all its dates refer only to the Chinese lunar calendar, which differs a lot from the Gregorian one, not only when it comes to dates or periods of time, but also when it comes to ages. Each cell of this chart contains the gender for either boy or girl. Each horizontal line of this famous table stands for a lunar age of baby’s mother at conception and each vertical line corresponds to a lunar month of conception. A lunar year has, in general, twelve lunar months.

The Chinese lunar months are delimited by the astronomical new moons in a certain area; because of this, their beginnings and endings vary from one year to another. Here are the Gregorian periods that correspond to the lunar year that overlaps the most with the common year 2016: the first lunar month begins on 8 February 2016, and it ends on 8 March 2016; the second lunar month lasts from 9 March 2016 to April 2016; the last, namely the 12th, lunar month is this Gregorian interval: 29 December 2016 ~ 27 January 2017. Read more How to Use the Chinese Baby Calendar 2016 for Sex Prediction and for Sex Selection

A few methods that help increase the chances to conceive a girl naturally

Conceive a girlThere’s no question that married folks know the basics of having a baby, but choosing the gender of the baby is beyond their control. It is common among married couples to need to have a boy as their firstborn baby. It’s not really your call with regards to the gender of your baby, although you are free to believe from what gender you wish your very first baby is. For married couples who have one or two attractive boys, what they usually wish for is how to conceive a girl naturally?

Although many scientists claim that there are just two reliable methods for conceiving a girl (In Vitro Fertilization and MicroSort), a number of researchers have developed several strategies that – in their opinion – may increase the possibilities of having a baby girl. This post reveals you many of the most important guidelines on the subject.

In conceiving a girl naturally, diet is one way to tip the odds in your favor. To be specific, you should begin incorporating foods that are rich in calcium and avoid potassium-rich foods and salt.

Having sex at the right time is definitely the second group of guidelines on how to conceive a girl naturally. These rules have been discovered by Dr. Shettles and, if they are followed correctly, you’ve got between 75 and 80 % chances to have a baby girl. There are two important factors that you need to know in an effort to understand these rules. The very first thing that you should bear in mind in conceiving a girl naturally is that a sperm that carries a female chromosome must reach the woman’s egg first those that contain male chromosome. A set of X chromosomes is contained in the woman’s sperm which is yet another essential fact that one ought to know is that the baby’s gender is always dependant on the man’s sperm because it has an X and a Y chromosome.

Based on Dr. Shettles, the best time to have sex is just before the ovulation period of the girl since this will probably boost the probabilities of conceiving a girl naturally. It is because a female sperm can survive longer when compared with a male sperm though the latter is speedier. Along with this, is always that a couple have their sex 3 to 4 days just before ovulation. Considering the fact that it truly is important that you know the best time when you should have an intercourse to your partner, you will need to have an ovulation chart with you. Well, it is best to make use of only when you have a regular cycle and you also don’t ovulate in advance. Read more A few methods that help increase the chances to conceive a girl naturally

Maid of Honor Wedding Speech – the Perfect Maid of Honor Speech

So you’ve been asked to be the maid of honor… Congratulations!

One of the main responsibilities of the maid of honor is the wedding speech. At first, this can be a bit nerve racking, but with a few quick tips, you can have the entire room smiling.

One of the best ways to write a great maid of honor wedding speech is to create it around a story. The speech could include how you first met the bride, how long you known her, or funny stories of your times together.

Also, be sure to prepare in advance. Write your speech down on paper and practicing in front of friends and family will allow you to deliver a knock-out presentation.

Ask several friends that you know will tell you the truth on how your speech sounds.

You can then conclude the speech by noting how great the bride and groom look together and all the wishes you have for the newlyweds.
End the speech with words of encouragement. Turn to the guest, ask then to rise and raise their glasses. Finally turn to the couple, and raise your glass for a toast simply say “To Jack and Jill” of course using the couple name.

Figuring out the ideal wedding toast for your friends or relatives special day can be a stressful event. But the best maid of honor speeches come straight from the heart.

And remember, the speech doesn’t need to be long. 3-5 minutes is really all you need.